Tuesday, September 7, 2010

birthday box and baby felt feathers

I crammed a few things from Olivia's birthday party in to this Martha Stewart shadow box and I love it! I'll never forget my first child's first birthday party. I threw it at the last minute, 1.5 days before we left for Europe. I was cray-cray.

oh and on the topic of Martha Stewart, you might not know this but once upon a time (a couple years ago) one of her producers contacted me about doing a project on the show (like one of the guest crafters). well she didn't like my initial ideas or whatever, and I was teaching full time so I didn't have the time to come up with some alternate ideas and just said screw it. It might not have helped that I kept spelling Martha's last name STUART. smart Katie. are you the only person in the world who doesn't know how to spell her name??? embarassing.  the producer wasn't getting any of my emails at first because I was sending them to @marthstuart.com instead of @marthastewart.com (she told me this during an interview). DUH!

I interject with this side note because now every time I right martha stewart I have to think about whether its the right spelling or not! okay, back to the post:
A few weeks ago a friend of mine ordered a baby version of the felt feather headband, which I had never made before (no one has ever requested it). wellllll I had olivia model it (but couldn't get a good picture since the girl would NOT stand still) and I was TOTALLY in love! Why haven't I made these for babies before??? I need to make one for olivia pronto! anyway, just thought I would share the photos that sort of show it (the rest are blurry). oh and olivia is wearing her homemade grits dress, which I LOVE!


Jessica said...

your baby is ultra-adorb.

also, I love your channeling of valerie from PR :)

Alice said...

She is so cute. Like a little girl...not a baby anymore:(

Diana Smith said...

I love the name of your baby girl, I named mine that too!She is adorable, great blog you have!!

Claire Kiefer said...

your headband is adorable, especially on Olivia, and YAY for Lesley's dress!!!

Lesley said...

I MISS YOU! i love seeing olivia in this dress (it was one of my faves) she is so beautiful. look at all that pretty hair! also, the shadow box and the martha "stuart" story are awesome! martha could use a healthy dose of humility. she probably fires people over stuff like that. ha.