Thursday, September 16, 2010

Finally! my photos from our big Europe trip in July/August! (part 1)

Here are a few photos from each of the places we went while in Europe. It was hard just to pick a few! I took over a thousand... Lots of people have asked to see them, so this is the easiest way to show you:)

Venice, Italy

Dubrovnik, Croatia
Athens, Greece

Ephesus, Turkey

Mycenae, Greece
These are all the places we went on our cruise (well the cruise began and ended in venice, but we stayed there two nights). When we travel our favorite things to see are ruins and art museums. We didn't see any art museums on the cruise, but we saw lots of ruins! They were breathtaking, but I really would have preferred to see them without 2 million other people in such close proximity. Oh well, we had no choice but to go in August when all the Europeans are ALSO on vacation....

(The photos from France and England will be a separate post.)


Meredith said...

Fabulous photos! Looks like you had so much fun!

Sarah said...

Katie, these pictures are awesome! What a fun trip.

Willow Withy said...

Beautiful photos, especially the dome top building with the dreamy sky.

dannii said...

i have been so eagerly awaiting these! i can't wait for your travel guides to everywhere you went. also, what kind of camera do you have? the pictures are fabulous!