Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas card '11


I didn't get around to taking Christmas photos of our family, but one morning as we were running out the door (why can't I ever just be sauntering out the door, unstressed, not sweating????) I took these photos of the girls. Olivia's hair is wet and I couldn't get one photo where they were both looking at me.  But I know my grandma would want a card and probably a few other relatives. I am not sending them to friends because I am not really that happy with them (and yet I am posting them for the world to see on my blog???). I have something HUGE happening right now that I will tell you about um tomorrow I guess? It is the reason I can't seem to get ANYTHING else done right now.

How about your Christmas photos? cards? anyone have a really cool one they want to share? I need to get the ball rolling earlier next year so we can have something I am proud of!


Megs said...

Those are so cute! I would totally send those to everyone on my's only fair that they get the real us :)

Meredith said...

Your girls are adorable!! I love the card too! :)