Saturday, December 3, 2011

New Traditions

This is the first Christmas that we have a daughter who is aware of it being Christmas! I am so excited to start family traditions, borrowing some from my own childhood. My parents always did a great job at creating fun traditions for all of the holidays and I want that for my own daughters.

So I saw the above photo on Pinterest (via Poppytalk) and thought it would be a fun one to incorporate on "St. Nick's." I basically just went to the dollar store, got a few candies and trinkets and wrapped them in crepe paper (from the dollar tree as well), glued the end down and added some scraps from my headbands!  The fun thing about these balls (a mexican tradition I believe it said) as that you find more prizes as you unwrap them, which kids love of course.

I stuffed the Christmas ball into the sock she left out on the eve of St.Nick's as well as a few other fun things.

(pictured above with the ball are the cinnamon dough ornaments that I made with my mom. So fun and easy! Olivia thought they were cookies, thus the decapitated one on the bottom right:))

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