Saturday, December 3, 2011

Its beginning to look alot like christmas!

Before I say anything about Christmas (my favorite holiday of the year!!),  I should say something about Thanksgiving since I've been absent in the blog world since november 9th..... (last post).
That cute gal pictured above? Well move over Martha, that's my mom. And she put on one gorgeous Thanksgiving this year!

 White, white, white with hints of browns and blue. gorgeous. Are you a little bit jealous of the weather you see outside those windows? I believe it was in the 70's for Thanksgiving....
and if you like her style, you should check out her shop. It is filled with super cool vintage goodies and adorable winter slash holiday banners! (There is a rumor I am getting one of those soon... I'm hoping this reindeer one...)


Jessica said...

That is literally the most gorgeous Thanksgiving table ever. I was going to post my decorations I did at my parent's this year, but it would be a disgrace compared to Mrs. Blue-Eyed Freckle the First.

Mary Beth said...

How cute! Thanks, Jessica!

Mary Beth said...

And thanks, Katie, for posting! And now I can put it on my blog ( too!