Friday, January 27, 2012

I heart fresh basil and goat cheese

 The recipe that began my love affair with goat cheese and fresh basil..... (still my all time favorite appetizer).
And here are some new favorites for breakfast and dinner!
  I am not actually a huge egg fan, but I have been trying to cut down on my carbs and up my protein for the same reason everyone else does it...... to lose weight. One day I was trying to make those eggs seem appealing and so I tried throwing in some of my favorite ingredients... and suprised myself with something I really loved!

Goat cheese omlette:
virgin coconut oil (for coating the pan)
goat cheese
fresh basil leaves
s&p to taste

Coat the pan, throw in the eggs, and everything else (wait a few minutes before you put in the goat cheese). flip it when its ready. YUMMMMMMMMY.
Sorry I am posting a photo of raw chicken on here but I forgot to take the "after" photo!!!
Goat cheese stuffed chicken with red peppers:
goat cheese
red bell pepper sliced (1/2-1 whole one per person)
fresh basil
chicken breasts
balsamic vinegar
1. pound out the chicken breasts until they are thin.
2. spread a GOOD amount of goat cheese inside and top with fresh basil leaves (you can't have too much of either. its impossible.
3. fold them over, stick them in your baking dish and pour balsamic all over them.
4. cut up the red peppers and put them all over and around the chicken.
5. bake for 1 hour (or less depending on the thickness of your chicken---you need to check it) at 350.

now go buy some goat cheese and a basil plant and make these! enjoy.

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