Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Crap its been long. oops!

Here's one of the many reasons I have been m.i.a. lately.... Spur of the moment on Saturday I decided to switch Olivia (2 1/2 yrs old) to a real bed. (I had Amélie in a "mini-crib" which all of her 75%tile body was growing out of.) Luckily I had my little (12 yrs old) brother's old sleigh bed ready to go, and I just had to run to costco to get a mattress. THANK GOODNESS my parents were around to help make this happen, because my husband has been non-existant during his OB/GYN rotation this month. I never see him!

Olivia has been super -excited about her new bed, and decided the best way to welcome it into her room was to jump on it of course!!!! (And when I say this was spur of the moment, I mean it. no prep whatsoever, my husband still hasn't see the bed since he lives at the hospital right now....)
 I made some new headbands for Amélie... and I really love them. Pondering the idea of selling them in the shop for about $10.... what do you all think? I call it the "hipster baby" band because I imagine this is what my sister and her friends in Brooklyn would put on their babies if they even had a baby on their hips.
I can't believe she will be 8 months in a week. time flies. but not lately since she is getting her EIGHTH tooth and has become possessed by the teething devil:)

Okay I promise to do a real post soon. I have been doing some paper maché lately and want to tell you all about that!


annie (the annilygreen one) said...

a few things: good luck with the big bed transition, LOVE the headband, and we've been doing papier mache here too! i love getting my hands dirty, but it stress's my daughter out after awhile, haha.

Shira said...

love love love the headband for hipster babies!!! super cute. sell them!! and if you make a "manly" one i'll put it on baby baby while he's exercising :)

also, love the new bed for olivia!!

can't wait to hear how she loves it!