Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Easiest leather bracelet ever. DIY

I painted mine, but they are also beautiful left plain! This super duper simple leather cuff is made without glue, scissors (unless you want to cut it differently), sewing, or any hardware.

And let me give credit where it is due. I came up with this cuff while doing THIS tutorial from Freshly Picked which I absolutely fell in love with and became addicted to doing!
FIRST: Buy some of this tooling leather remnants from Tandy.  (and I found a discount code online which made it the same price for me to get TWO of these bags for the price of one:)

SECOND: take out a long, slender, already cut strip of the leather.

THIRD: spray it with water or quickly run it under water in your sink.

FOURTH: curl it into a cuff, smaller than your wrist (but not SUUUPER small, duh). I used a straight bobby pin to keep mine in position, but its totally not necessary. Let it dry for 24 hours (if it feels moist at ALL then leave it, it still has more drying to do before its really set).

DONE! Except if you want to do what I did, and take some acrylic paints to them.

been wearing them every day.

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Scotty and Chels said...

Awesome! Definitely the kind of thing I could make and that I would actually wear! love it!