Thursday, April 26, 2012

my favorite new $5 purchase

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Besides the photos of myself modeling my headbands (which I do out of convenience), I don't really take many photos of myself. Its mostly just the girls these day (no--not THOSE girls!!--my daughters!!).

Anyway, I bought this shruggy, thing at Forever21 a couple months ago and when I got to the register it was only $5!! Don't you love when that happens? Only problem with FL is that it is usually too hot to even throw that thin piece of cloth over my outfit most days. But it has been cool enough 2 times for me wear it and I loved the outfits so much I made my husband take a photo.---which I always feel very silly doing, but I tell myself its for the blog. Because goodness knows no one where I live gives a rat's patooty about the clothes I am wearing (well maybe one or two people but not most!). And I know this is totally vain, but since getting dressed to me is an outlet for creativity (not all days, but occasionally) I feel like these outfits need to be documented somewhere!

Anyone else feel this way?


ed and brooke said...

You're so cute Katie. I love the way you're wearing the "shruggy thing" in both pictures. So cute with the bow, but darling as a kimono. You're too cute Katie. Totally agree with dressing being a creative outlet.

Jill said...

I LOVE that color and the pattern is fun. I always love to see what you are wearing...not that I can replicate it because somehow when I do it..I just look like a circus tent. $5 ever, and you can wear it when you come out to Hotlanta...oh wait...;)

Yvette said...

I totally know what you mean! When I ACTUALLY feel like I'm in a cute outfit (which is getting rarer and rarer nowadays) I make my husband tell me how good I look. He's a good sport about it. :) I like fashion posts, so keep the photos coming.

Mora said...

Katie -- it's me, Shira! I'm with my mom (she's up in NYC). Anyway we both TOTALLY agree with you! It's the days I feel the most cute (or at least feel like my outfit is screaming adorable) that I never see a single soul! You look fantastic and I love love love that outfit!

annie (the annilygreen one) said...

i totally support documenting ARTfits. bahaha.. worst joke ever...but that's how i feel about a good outfit too! and i'm obsessed with that pattern...beautiful!

The Haute Frugalista said...

katie! I love the outfit! you always look so amazing! :)