Thursday, November 8, 2012

pom-poms and mis-matched shapes!

I am on a ROLL! How many posts have I done this week? THREE!! And this is the FOURTH! woohoo! Hopefully people are still reading my blog, and not coming here solely from pinterest... Though I am greatful to all those who have pinned my blog and keep people reading it! One day I will decide to make more money off this thing using those stats. Speaking of, any of you want an ad on my blog? I'm thinking $10/month same size as those on the right. I get usually 11,000 hits/month!

Email me if you are interested. Now's the time, its the holidays!

Okay, on to today's little inspiration station.
Pom-poms and such.

 The jumper. It was a hand-me down of course, and so I was excited to re-vamp it. I bought some strung pom-poms at Jo Ann's and just pinned and sewed them straight to the hem of the jumper. Done.
The leggings I spotted on Pinterest and knew immediately that I had to make some knock-offs! She has worn them for three days now bc I think they look cute with everything.

The top, which you can't really see, is just a plain shirt that I sewed a cut-in-half doily onto the shoulders of.

The shoes, again can be found here (tutorial).

And there you have it. Living vicariously through my children with their wardrobe. While they still let me!


Claire Kiefer said...

She is just the cutest ever and her little outfit is precious! I'm so impressed that you can just replicate cute stuff you see on Pinterest like that--you're so talented. :)

Unknown said...

good for you! I'm not ready to buy an ad yet...because I'm well....good at "planning":) I'll come back to you though because you really have something of you keep it up. I always love your posts. I have 2 girls that would love that outfit.

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