Friday, November 16, 2012

The Indecisive Shirt

Have you ever made a shirt embellishment that A. you weren't sure would hold up well in the wash or B. weren't sure if you could solely commit to? I have, over and over. So when I received my snap-tape, which is so awesomely available in separate pieces (meaning you can buy JUST the "male" side or JUST the "female" side--depending on which you need more of), I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them! Indecisiveness problem solved!
1. I first sewed a strand of FEMALE sided snap-tape to the shirt, top-stitching down each side (and I folded it over the top of the collar and the bottom hem of the shirt, so that there is one snap inside on both ends)

2. I made 4 (okay, no really, I made like 15 because its SOOOO quick and easy) pom-poms using my "My Own Fringemaker" (which is my new favorite quick-crafting machine!!) and hot-glued 1 MALE sided snap-tape button (I cut one square of snap-tape) onto the back of each pom-pom. (One pom-pom is large and the others are medium.)

3. I snapped those suckers on that shirt. Easy Peasy! And I can take them off when I wash the shirt. And maybe its just me, but I also like the look of just the snap-tape just down the middle of the shirt....perhaps its from watching so much Project Runway over the past years (they always use utilitarian materials in innovate ways).

And then I had another idea...

(1. and 2.) I used my "My Own Fringemaker" to make a bunch of the long, loopy hot-pink strands you see above. Its easy, since this machine allows you to do 2 at a time. I simply wrapped the yarn around the 2 poles, tied off, and then transported my wrapped poles to my sewing machine, where I sewed down the center.

3.I  got a strand of MALE-sided snap-tape, my loopy pink strand, and some pre-made pom-pom strand .
4. I sewed the snap-tape down on both sides to JUST the loopy strand.
5. I hot-glued the pom-pom strand to the loopy stuff (which I could do, simply because this strip will be taken off before I wash the shirt!).

And then I snapped the strip to the shirt. Love. And yesterday my daughter Olivia wore this version of the shirt for our first professional family photoshoot. I am so in love with this idea of multiple decorations for one shirt!


Anonymous said...

Great idea Katie.

rlhurwi said...

Ugh you're so clever!

Scotty and Chels said...

Oh my Katie! This is such a great idea!