Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The 3rd Thanksgiving bunting...

Luckily I got the 3rd bunting up a week before Thanksgiving.... and luckily I can use it again next year so it wasn't a waste of work! I had this thing ready to go since November 3rd, it just needed my mom's special hole punch for stringing. Oops.  Here is the how-to. Just in case you want to make one for next year... or for a Hunger Games party? Or perhaps just because you love golden arrows.

Gold Poster board
black or white poster board
string/ribbon (I used some holiday gold)

1.I cut 3 long strips from my poster board. One was 2.5" wide, one was 3.5" wide and one was 4.25" wide.

2.I then free-handed the arrows with my exacto knife. (I didn't cut the little "feathery" slits until after I had cut out the main arrow shape.)

3.I paired up my arrows and cut a circle big enough for the center of each pair out of the black posterboard.

4. You can do 2 hole punches (I used my mom's punch that creates smaller, rectangular slits), and then string the ribbon through them so they hang flat. Make sure you do the punches at the TOP of the circle!

Hang your festive bunting for all to see.

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Ivy & Co said...

So creative!

Would love for you to link this project up at my new blog and party, dedicated 100% to bunting!

Aloha, Rebecca