Monday, December 21, 2009

for me to make, for you to make... some great tutorials

This awesome, super easy skirt that looks like the stuff from that one blonde girl on P.R. this season. Wish I woulda had this tutorial when I was making my christmas skirt... I had wanted to make one like this in raw silk, but didn't know how, and only had 2 days to make something, so I just made something else that kicked my butt. more details and a photo to follow...

I have been wanting to do some bleaching on a shirt or two, and never knew how I should approach that messy task. This girl gave a nice little tutorial on how she made this shirt above with tape, bleach and water!

And if you are following "So You Think You Are Crafty" then you already know about this tutorial, but I totally want to make pillows like this. I have had throw pillows on my to do list for quite some time now (about 2 years), but I always seems to have a million other more important things to make! (like um... headbands? christmas dresses??).. Anyway, now that holiday making season is over, I will have time in the new year to make lots of other things I have been dying to do!!!! yeah!!!!

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