Thursday, February 18, 2010

Make Your Own Wall Decals.

This is the rug that inspired the designs on the wall (the rug sits below the wall). How do I feel about how it turned out??? see below.
Okay, so you might be over the whole wall-vinyl-decals thing by now...BUT if you are like me, living in an apartment where you can't do much to the walls, its still the best option for high-impact/ low-cost decorating.  (well I do have another trick up my sleeve that I will tell you about sometime, but that's later). If you are like me though, those vinyl decals cost waaaay too much money (esp. if you want to cover a whole wall). So here is my how-to on a budget!

side note: I know this wall ended up looking like an early 90's hotel wallpaper. I plan on redoing it. (most likely in a darker color, and in a different design)
Contact Paper
ballpoint pen or permanent marker 

1.  draw your designs on the back of the contact paper (the grid side). If drawing doesn't come naturally, then find a design online, print it out, blow it up, and trace it onto the paper.
2. Cut out your designs
3. To apply the design to the wall, just unpeel one edge, stick it to the wall, and then carefully peel off the backing as you rub the sticky side onto the wall!

DONE!!! and when you move out, just peel it right off!


wishful nals said...

great idea. thanks for sharing! xo!

Alice said...

First of all. I LOVE WALL DECALS! Never bought them..because..y'knwo the price. And does it really come off easily? That's why I was waiting for someday when we own a house. Can I fly you out here to decal my place?:):):):)

Rina said...

Good idea! Thanks for sharing. Do the decals come off without hurting the paint underneath? I have a couple of rooms where I am trying to figure out what the heck to do with the walls and this just might work...

brenda and lorin said...

katie i saw your blog being featured on oneprettything! sweet!

Darija said...

way to go making your own decals. I think they came out really nice and I just love the carpet too.

Stina said...

such a great idea!