Monday, February 22, 2010

Paint Your Shoes Pretty. (or cool, or whatever)

How to spiff up your old leather shoes....
*an old pair of leather shoes (that you are about to throw away anyway, cause they are all scuffed up)
*acrylic paint (the art kind, not the craft kind)
*paintbrush (see below, though it doesn't need to be matt or this brand)
*pen (if you are scared to freehand)
1. decide what colors you want to paint the shoes, and what designs.
2. If needed, use a ballpoint pen to LIGHTLY draw out your designs
3. Paint directly on the shoe!!
4. Let dry for a few hours before wearing.

The story (cause you know I always have one)... I bought these shoes the second time I studied abroad in New Zealand (2002). The first time (2001), I bought the same exact ones, but in florescent orange and grey, because they matched this DKNY florescent orange jacket I owned (which I would constantly hear people scoffing at as I walked by on campus). I had loved the first pair so much, that when I went back I searched for another pair. The grey/dark grey pair was even on sale! score! Those two pairs of shoes got LOTS of wear time during college and after. So comfortable, slim, and stylish (for a tennis shoe type).

2 years ago, the grey ones were about dead. The leather was peeling and scuffed, even though the insides and soles were okay. I just didn't feel cute when I put them on. Sooooooo I had an idea to paint them! I figured, why not? I was going to trash them anyway! I wasn't sure how long it would last, but went with it.

2 years later and this is what they look like. Almost as good as the day I painted them!
Try it out. Its a ton of fun. I can see doing this on a pair of heels too. I would loved to have had my students graffiti a pair of heels when I was teaching in Miami. darn. (I'm serious.)


Christy said...

OOOOhhhhh! Love this. It's so refreshing to see truly new and unique "crafty" ideas... i feel like I've heard and seen 'em all, but this! This is just fabulous!

I'll let you know how mine turn out!

Susan said...

what a great idea + they look great.

Stina said...

Love it! I just found your blog with Dana-made-it...I'm going to have to add you to my reading list! I love your tutorials!

felicia said...

I have been wanting to paint on leather to make some jewelry. Do you have to seal it with anything?