Monday, March 8, 2010

Tuxedo dress or shirt tutorial

Wanna look as cute as this little thing (or your daughter to look as cute)? Here's a SUPER EASY tutorial on how to RE-make yours or your baby/toddler/teen's shirt or dress into something with a little tuxedo-inspired flair
LONG strip of fabric (about 3-4 in wide, maybe 45-60 in wide...)
hot glue
sewing machine
(1 nap project)

 3.continue looping and and pinning, making sure that you go over the edge each time you reach the neckline.
4. Sew on top of the ruffles (over top the stitches already on the ruffle) and you have completed the tuxedo ruffles!!!
5. make a bow by creating a loop with ribbon and hot-glueing the ends. Then take another strip of ribbon and wrap it around the center and hot glue.
6. Hot Glue (this actually works, and I have washed and dried the dress several times!) or sew it on top of the ruffle! DONE! 


Jessica said...

that is super duper cute. I need a daughter to hot glue ruffles onto. wait...

Ashley Ann said...

Cute! I might have to grown up size this!