Saturday, November 6, 2010

T-Shirt Fringe Necklace Tutorial

I don't know about you, but I have been seeing fringe and fringe-inspired necklaces EVERYWHERE lately. And I am loving them!  Now I could have done a tutorial on how to make one with actual fringe, but I decided to make one out of the leftover strips of t-shirt I had dyed to make this FAILED shirt. (okay I couldn't find the link to that post so see the photo below) Anyway, I hope you enjoy the tutorial!
 (Its a failed t-shirt because when I washed it the colors bled and the strips curled in a way I didn't like.)

strips of cut up t-shirt
Necklace chain with large links
RIT dye

1. After cutting up your strips of fabric, create a dye bath of HOT water mixed with a tad of salt and laundry detergent, along with the dye.
2. Put ALL the strips in, but leave them in for different amounts of time (so that you have a gradient of value). I.E: a few strips you take out after 10 sec., a few after a minute, a few after 5 min., a few after 30 min..... etc
3. run them under warm water and squeeze them until the water runs clear.

3. hang them to dry some where you don't mind them dripping (and possibly staining). (Or run them through the washer and dryer).

4. after they have dried, cut them into thinner and/or shorter pieces if neccessary.

 5. begin in the center, and put the longest strip through the chain hole and tie it in a knot. If the strips feel too chunky, you can always cut them long ways so they are thinner. Continue knotting strips along the chain until you feel it is finished.
DONE!    This is how mine looked at first.... I then put it on and trimmed it in front of the mirror. Then I took off some of the strips to make it not as huge. In retrospect I kinda wish I'd left them on, but here you can see me wearing it below.  And there is a funny story to follow....
Funny story: I wore this outfit to a pumpkin patch on Halloween (we went with some friends). It was in a more rural part of Georgia so imagine these people are REAL country with thick accents.....
I went down this home-made tube slide and went SOOOOOO FAST. I literally flew out of the slide (with Olivia on my lap---we were both screaming) and hit the hay bales.

My husband then went on the slide and the two boys taking tickets said (in accent) "man that girl in the costume went faster than anyone else we've ever seen!................... um costume?? hahaha.

THEN we went to the petting zoo area at the P.Patch. We had to leave after about 3 min. to go catch the hay ride and so I asked the lady if we would be able to come back in when we got back---did we need a stamp or something? She replied, "Don't worry I won't forget THAT outfit."...............

I just found it all amusing. I didn't really think I was dressed that weirdly, but I mean we were in the country. It was too funny.


The Dobecks! said...

hahahahahaaa love it.

Rachel Sharp said...

Haha the same thing happened to me! I was so sad I had to go to work on Halloween and couldn't dress up, but I guess my regular clothes are costumey to some people. This guy walked by and said, "Hey I really like your costume! What are you?" I was just sad and said I was just me. Haha your post made me feel so much better!

Andrea said...

Great necklace!

I love the fringe look that's been cropping up everywhere, and have lots of t-shirts that I don't wear.

Thanks for a great (and simple) tutorial - I might actually manage to do this!

Courtney said...

hahahaha! Oh that is funny. Love that necklace. You look so fantastic.

Lisa said...

Ha! said...

That's hilarious. And I love this! I would wear it daily with a tank and jeans. I'll be linking.

Sydney said...

Not so sure they aren't being malicious. My husband has perfect ears with nothing wrong with them at all. A guy at a fast food drive through asked him if he was a wrestler because of his cauliflower ear. Some people are just rude and it seems the uneducated do it most. Cute outfit by the way. To heck with them!