Thursday, December 9, 2010

What We've been wearing.

 I love dressing Olivia up. She is young enough that I can pretend she's my barbie doll still. And I will be sad the day she thinks everything I pick out is stupid!
Olivia's wearing:
hand-me-down shrug
handmade dress
gap leggings
handmade babylegs (I just cut off the bottoms of adult knee socks)
"Old Soles" shoes
 Not such a cute expression on my face, but oh well. I think I was in a hurry to get out the door.
What I'm wearing:
Cardigan from TJMaxx last yr.
knit dress from TopShop (London)
Spandex leggings from American Apparel (warehouse sale-$5)
Forever21 shoes
Blue-Eyed Freckle bow clip
Ahhh when there were still leaves on the trees:
Anthro cardigan (old)
Vintage dress
Am. Apparel leggings (warehouse sale)
Old Navy shoes

And there you go! I love doing these posts because it gives me motivation to think about what I am going to wear. Like I used to when people saw me during the day.... I love creating these clothes "paintings!"


Emily said...

You two are too cute! I'm also rockin' the leggings a lot lately. Looks like I need to find me a warehouse sale;)

Jessica said...

"Like I did when people saw me during the day..."

this cracks me up. I am totally in hibernation mode up in Ohio, not leaving the house. Add to that being 20 weeks pregnant, and the outfits are not cute around here. My poor husband.

Willow Withy said...

Is Frank your photographer? That last image is beautifully lit! Seriously loving the light bounce off your hair. Congratulations again on your second baby! I hope you'll feel better soon.