Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pom-pom heart t-shirt (not just for valentine's day!)

Its a little daring I'll admit, but its so fun to wear and I can't help but love it! If you keep on reading I'll show you how to make this good-for-valentine's-day but also good for any other day t-shirt!
 Month's (maybe a year??) ago I cut that photo above off of a Glamour cover and stuck it on my inspiration boards.  And since I am all caught up with my headbands lately, I 've actually had a chance to work on some of these projects I've been meaning to do forever! anyway, that was the inspiration.
1.  I gathered a bunch of different  red, pink, coral, and orange yarns (and long strips of t-shirt leftover from this), and my trusty pom-pom maker (you can also use this tutorial to make them without one).

2. I then made a whole mess of pom-poms, periodically laying them out to see how big of a heart they would make.

3. I then laid them out on my t-shirt and pinned each one down. 

(NOTE: if you are pom-pom-on-t-shirt weary and you want to do a more subtle version of this shirt, I would stick with thin strips of t-shirt material and thinnnnn yarns when making your pom-poms. They lay much flatter.) ALSO, make a narrower heart then you would think. Mine nicely curved around each of my boobs which drew unnecessary attention (I guess with smaller boobs this would be helpful?)....

4. Lastly, HAND-SEW them down. I tried to machine sew them, and bent my needle. no good. 

And you are finished! Try it on and take a photo! Wear it on V-day or any other day you want to wear your heart on your sleeve-- I mean boobs.
I decided my plain old porch backdrop would not suffice for this mini photoshoot, so I taped a piece of Ikea paper table cloth (that I scalloped) on the wall.  I then put my camera up on Olivia's little table and set it to timer. These are the kinds of things I have to do to get a photo of myself around here.... Wish I'd had a larger piece of that paper in the background. oh well.
 And here it is!  My poofy heart shirt!


Anonymous said...

Everything is adorable yet all pretty annoying because you're sitting outside on a porch devoid of snow and ice and that's SO UNFAIR! Wah wah wah!

Sorry I let the jealousy into the comment section. Love the tshirt & backdrop!

Jessica said...

That's so cute, but I'm cracking up imagining how absurd it would look on my 30-weeks-pregnant self!

Tricia said...

I'm just sitting here wondering how in the world you have energy to craft, and keep up with your headbands. The shirt is adorable. Thanks for sharing.

Scotty and Chels said...

Super cute Katie! And wait... aren't you pregnant? Why are you soooo skinny!?! You look great!

Caroline said...

I love that shirt!!! WOUlD you be willing to make me one ... we can swap or I will pay :) SO CREATIVE and I love it!!!

Micaela said...

i love it!!! i was just going to say the same thing scotty & chels said :)