Monday, December 7, 2009

a heliopter ride

soo.. the day before thanksgiving my husband took me on a surprise date, which included a ride over atlanta in a helicopter! (okay i knew we had won the ride awhile back, but i told him to surprise me in the future and take me when i didn't know it was coming. just for fun.) anyway, it was a fabulous date, and we had SUCH great time. what a view! i especially loved the way the intersecting highways created these beautiful lines around the buildings. the reminded me of this series of mixed media pieces i did awhile back called "undulating lines." of course my lines were tiny and profuse, but it was like an enlarged 3 dimensional version! so inspiring.


Emilyah said...
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Emilyah said...

Really seriously I l.o.v.e this post. The day looked gorgeous and the photos are fabulous! How fun. And I stalked your artwork last weeks & started thinking where I would put some of the pieces in my home. Haha. They are truly great Katie.