Saturday, October 24, 2009

how to make a quick baby or toddler "flapper" costume

you will need:
~1 yd ( less if for a small baby, more maybe for a large toddler) of stretchy fabric that doesn't need to be hemmed

~enough fringe to go around the drop waist part of the dress (optional)
1. Using a dress the child currently fits into as a guide, make a pattern by drawing around the dress for the length, width, and placement of armholes. I used just some cheap newsprint as the pattern paper.

2. I cut the dress shape into three sections, as pictured so that it would look like it has a drop waist.
3. You then use the pattern pieces to cut 2 of each piece.
4. Optional: I cut strips of fabric from the edging of the fabric, and pleated them by just crumpling the fabric as I ran it through the sewing machine. I am sure you can find a tutorial online for how to make pleated strips if you don't feel confident...

5. I then pinned them onto the front, upper piece of the dress. I sewed on top of the stitching that already existed on each strip.
For the bottom pieces, if you choose to make this dress NOT as a flapper dress, but just a plain dress, then you should cut one of the bottom strips longer than needed and then gather it a little for some flair. If you are putting fringe, then don't worry about this step.
6. sew the 3 pieces together for the front, and then for the back with a 1/4" seam.
7.Once you have the front and back sewn together, then sew them at the top where the shoulder straps meet. 1/4" seam.
8.Right sides facing each other, pin the front and back together, and sew up the sides, 1/4"seam. You can sew the fringe onto the two seperate pieces before doing this, or you can topstitch the fringe onto the dress afterwards.... and then trim the excess fabric to match the length of the fringe.
TADA!!!! I am loving this little dress. The good thing about it being stretchy is that it slips easily on and off, and if you need to widen the neck for a big baby head, just cut the "U" shape deeper on the back of the dress.
I made some cute little matching shoes from my favorite baby shoe pattern. The shoes I have made from this pattern are the only ones I have that don't slip off my baby's feet!
And a little featherband to match. I just bought sequin by the yard and then sewed it onto stretchy fabric by pulling the fabric strip as I sewed on the sequins. this makes it so the sequin band is now stretchy and can easily stay on your child's head. I added a little feathers and felt with hot glue.


Anonymous said...

unbelievably cute!! great job - you are ama-za-zing! love MOM

Alice said...

That is adorable. I can't wait to see Olivia in it. I was a flapper once for halloween

she said...

you are SO creative --- this is just adorable. and those shoes! lovely :) your little girl is so blessed to have such a creative mom!

sarah marie. said...

katie that is DARLING!

the Richards said...

Lets see a picture with Olivia in it!

Lesley said...

mind=bloooown. so cute!

Christy said...

I just died (in your arms tonight.) This is the cutest thing. Ever.
Love it!

Meredith said...

This is too cute! I love it!

Susan said...

Holy cow! that is one of the cutest costume ideas ever, i love it!

dannii said...

i wish i were a baby size right now so i could borrow all of her wardrobe and costumes. where did you get the shoe pattern?

and yes, show a pic of little olivia in it!

Lindsay said...

can you post a link to those adorable baby shoes, I so want to make some for my little guy!

michelle@somedaycrafts said...

This takes the cake! I am featuring this at Grab My "featured" button. This will drive some traffic to your cute blog!

Aunt Suzi Quilts said...

Amazing!! I got 3 girls that will LOVE it. Gotta go to the fabric store now!!