Thursday, January 14, 2010

What we wore....

I know this is incredibly late, but I wanted to do a post about our holiday wear. I spent so much time on it, so it deserved a post! So, the dress... I made this dress for Olivia out of cream raw silk, and I think that is is my favorite thing I have ever made for her. I would love to have worn it myself! But it is MUCH easier to sew for someone without boobs, hips, and a butt. So.... how did I make it? I traced another dress she had, cut out the silk and lining simultaneously, sewed up lining and silk, leaving an opening (at the tops of the straps), turned it inside out, and sewed the straps closed. Sewed the already-lined front and back pieces together. Then hand-sewed on some snaps. EASY PEASY!! I added the little tufts by cutting out circles and then hand-sewing each one on to make a big poofy statement around the neckline. She LOVED SUCKING ON IT.
Then these are the shoes I made out of some wool felt. I used the felt because it would be fast, but well, I should've just sewn them out of silk because she loves to rub her feet together, and you can only imagine how nubby and pilled they are now.
 The headband. Maybe the only piece that still looks the same!!! I used the same method for making the headband as I did the dress, only I sewed the circles onto a piece of felt and then glued that onto the headband.

And then there is MY dress. oh wait. it started out as a dress. The bottom looked like what you see below. It took an entire day to sew this bottom part, because I was making it all up as I went. BAD IDEA esp. when you are using expensive fabrics. Anyway, in the end, when I pinned the bottom to the top, well I looked fat.
 SOOOO I made it into just a skirt. which took even longer, because I sewed on ONE MILLION RUFFLES. 
  Here we are at the Nutcracker! You can't even see all the ruffles I spent so long sewing on. oh well!
And lastly... the beautiful baby girl in her dress, before it was sucked to pieces. (Those are my parents holding her.)


Alice said...

WOW! Those are awesome....especially your skirt. Olivia is so lucky to have you as a mom!

Eva / Sycamore Street Press said...

Beautiful! You're so good at this kind of stuff.

Lesley said...

holy cuteness! you are too much. love the shoes and the dress (reminds me of the katiedid dress i've always wanted to try). you are so creative, and your skirt turned out awesome! miss you.

Unknown said...

oh my she is soooo cute! and the dress........and the slippers!!!!!