Wednesday, February 10, 2010

valentine's day hooray tutorial

My first valentine's day decoration! Now that I have a child, well I am thinking it is time to start decorating for the holidays. My mother made every holiday seem special with her decorations. Whether it was St. Patrick's day, Valentine's Day, Halloween, you name it. The table was always decked out the morning of, and there would be some sweet treat, and perhaps a little trinket or two to celebrate the day in style (I.e. socks, headband, hat, necklace, something).  I want to carry on this tradition in my home for my own children.

So..... the other day when I received an email from my friend Shannon, asking for help on how to make a valentine's day bunting she had seen on the internet, I told she should come on over and we could make them together! So, I bought some red FABric, some ribbon, and left Hobby Lobby only having spent like $6!! I love that place. 
As for the finished bunting, well, I am thinking of putting some felt flowers on them. but sometimes I think I overdo it on the felt.  Therefore, for the time being the will remain plain. until maybe next year. I just get so happy when I look over and see them! And I used to not really like hearts! but there. I just looked over at them again, and I felt giddy. don't ask me WHY.

but you CAN ask me how.... see below.

hotglue gun

*(This is a long nap, or 1 1/2 nap project. It took me 1 1/2 hours)

1.Make a heart stencil, or free hand cut out as many hearts as you desire. To do this, fold the fabric over and cut out 2 at a time (this way you have a back and front to each heart).

2. sandwich the felt (I used 2 pieces per heart) between the 2 hearts, and pin all layers together.

3. cut out felt, leaving a 1/2 border of felt around all the edges of the heart (this is so when the layers move while sewing, you have some leeway). 

4. Using your sewing maching, or hand needle and thread, sew around each heart.

5. OPTIONAL: I then sewed lots of squiggly lines over the whole thing to give it a quilted look

6. cut or pink the edges of each heart, leaving only a peekaboo of felt showing around the edges.

7. lay out your ribbon, leaving some on the ends to hang down. And then hotglue each heart onto the ribbon!!! done! now just find a place to tack it in place! hooray!


sarah said...

love this katie! thanks for sharing

Lesley said...

super cute katie! i've been wanting to make a little garland myself, but dooon't think it's gonna happen this year. tell your mama thanks for the compliment! you're the best miss katie. come see me!

Unknown said...

look at you! it's fantastic!!