Sunday, September 26, 2010

Good Things: phoney macaroni

This is my adorable (albeit messy) daughter Olivia. She is EXTREMELY picky about texture in food. This usually means she won't eat fruit (like RARELY eats fruit) and barely eats veggies unless they are in something (like a soup, a pasta, a sandwich, etc). Well, normally I just make her a daily smoothie of spinach, flax, carrots, and various fruits (she WILL drink her fruits and veggies, she just doesn't like their slimy textures when whole).

but..... I was recently inspired by the sneak chef.  And decided to try something out. And now I am passing it on to you!

one box of mac and cheese (annies, whole grain, or regular)
one steamed sweet potato (you can also use carrots) OR you can just use a couple jars of baby food

1. make the mac and cheese like normal.
2. steam your sweet potato and/or carrots
3. mash up the veggies, or stick them in a blender
4. mix them up with the mac and cheese, and then add some extra milk!

DONE! olivia ate this stuff up. okay so mac and cheese isn't the healthiest thing on the planet, but on a desperate day when you want your child to eat some veggies and you know they'll eat m&c, then try this!!! yum.


Caroline said...

I love this tip!!! And the photo is too cute!

sarah marie. said...

ooh i'm going to try this. thanks!

Jill said...

I'm so going to try this. Charlie is all about the unhealthy mac and cheese, and is so done with his baby food, so I want to see if he will eat his baby food veggies that I still have left.

Button For A Bird said...

theres organic mac and cheese around if that helps.

Anonymous said...

That looks yummy. Have you heard of deceptively delicious cookbook? I could get my boys to eat many items in the book,although its not needed now since they eat veggies.