Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Apple Picking for my first time!

 I think there was a spot on our lens because this giant orb came to visit many of our photos. ...

A couple weekends ago my SUPER cool  friend Emilie came to visit from Austin, Texas (where she is getting a Masters in Arabic--one of the 7? languages she can speak fluently). She is one of those people who inspires you to be more creative, do more, learn more, travel more... just by being herself! She and her husband were our good friends when we were at school in Utah (her husband is equally interesting and inspiring--a filmmaker, musician and illustrator) and we miss them SOOOO much!!!

ANYWAY.... we went apple picking (among other things) to get that fall feeling, and so she could experience rural Georgia (totally different from Atlanta area). It was my first time and I was super stoked to do it. Now that I have a large quantity of apples, I have plans for making applesauce in my blendtec (best applesauce ever-no sugar needed and you can leave the seeds and the stem on when you blend) and then trying my hand at canning for the first time ever!!

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Caroline said...

I went apple picking as well this weekend!! One of my sweet friends opted for picking apples for her birthday. Isn't great??!!! Apples are gosh darn good!