Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Color, oh color how you make me so happy!

One of those art pieces that makes me go "dang it!!!! Wish I'd created that!" Incredibly inspiring.

 Just discovered this beautiful blog from the Netherlands some where (Finland?) in Scandinavia... and even though I have seen a million little sewn banner-y things (I made one recently myself), this one still catches my eye and makes me sing inside with all those vibrant colors.

 found this ad for a cute line of clothing (German) called "Bonnie and Buttermilk" here (a beautiful Dutch blog).
 I can't remember when or where I came across this Japanese designer, but I am IN LOVE with everything in her shop. If only it didn't all cost so much! But when you look at the pieces and read the descriptions you can see why its so.

 Oh I just die over these mittens. You could wear these while hanging those banners above. haha.

Hope you all enjoyed this colorful inspiration on this cold, grey, winter day!


Mrs. Dull said...

Oh, I adore the little buntings, I hopped over to the blog. Fabulous! But since I didn't understand one word written there I can tell you it isn't Dutch (boohoo, I was feeling so proud about a fellow Dutchy making these...). I think it's Finnish. Which makes it Scandinavian. I adore Scandinavian Design! You might enjoy this Dutch blog: http://ninainvorm.punt.nl
And while I am being such a-little-miss-know-it-all: Bonnie and Buttermilk is a German Company. But I find there designs a bit Scandinavian as well.
Oh, and BTW: I love, love, love your blog!!!

blueeyedfreckle said...

Thanks for the corrections! It all looked Dutch to me! haha. I actually got the Bonnie and Buttermilk ad off o of the Ninainvorm blog:) Love that one! Thanks for the nice compliment!

Alice said...

Sylvia has some little Dutch outfits. I used to have aDutch roomate...LOVED HER! Also notice the awesome AQUAYELLOW!

Taylor {Sew Much Love} said...

Wow! So much inspiration in one post! I LOVE everything you posted!

Oh and congrats on the baby by the way!

Anonymous said...

Painted sticks, cute hat, and mittens. Check. Love them! Adorable!

Anonymous said...

beautiful blog! can't wait to buy one of those amazing headbands.