Monday, October 31, 2011


 my only halloween decorations... (besides a little skull banner I made and hung elsewhere and my pumpkins).  And now a few photos from our previous halloween festivities!
 may I present to you.... QUETZALCOATL!!! part serpent... part bird! I made the wings as inspired by this on pinterest (one of the first things I ever pinned 8 months ago!!). But I made a few adjustments to make them easier to keep on a 2 yr old for long periods of time (and boy am I glad I did). More on that in a sec.
 blurry face but couldn't resist the cuteness of her stance. Too bad she totally wiped off the feathery face make-up I did. It ended up just looking like a weird mess.
 I lined the inside with some vintage chartreuse sheet fabric
 not that great of a shot of them spread open, but I couldn't get her to grasp the concept of turning around and spreading them so that she wasn't looking at me....
 Amélie wore the flapper dress I made for Olivia 2 yrs ago. She was a little tired at our trunk or treat party thus the glazed over look in her eyes.
With my mom at the party. I was Bjork... or inspired by Bjork since I didn't actually look at the photo when I made my costume or put on my make-up. For some reason I thought I knew what it looked like, but mine is clearly not the same, so we are going to just say I was inspired by her. I love any excuse to just wear lots of colors and put on something weird. Honestly I wish I could just wear get-ups like this in my normal life.

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