Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Brightly colored projects in the making.

 I haven't been that good at blogging, and so for the sake of having something to post, I decided to grab my iPad and snap a few shots of things I've been working on lately.

Above is the first side of a quilt I am making for bebe boy. I kept it simple so I could A. actually finish it B. actually finish it. I also used it to determine the color scheme for his room, which I hope I don't change my mind about in the next few months. Luckily I have 7 different colors in there, so I should be good (most of you might be wondering if I actually had a color scheme or just threw a bunch of colors on there and called it a day. I promise this was very thought out--and slightly determined by the fabric that was on sale at JoAnn's...). I am winging it as I go (the quilting), so I hope it turns out okay! I am a novice quilter (only made one for Olivia once and it was a baby quilt...)......
I have seen all those lovely vintage suitcase dollhouses on Pinterest and wanted to make one for Olivia's birthday. Never got around to it. A few days before we were leaving for Atlanta (which we never actually left for due to an emergency family situation) I decided to make this box for olivia to entertain herself with in the car.  I did have a small vintage suitcase, but I thought it was a little too cumbersome for a car ride and went with this tea set box instead.

This was one of the funnest (not a word I know) projects I've made for her! I loved designing the felt landscape and the bedding, the furniture, everything. I also  made a silk "princess" quilt for the bed, but that isn't pictured. I highly recommend making one if you have a young daughter. She now plays with it every time we go for a ride.


Jessica said...

A: LOVE your color scheme on the quilt, that will be so cute! (You can do it!)

B: That doll box is ridiculously adorable. Makes me excited for when Elsie gets into dolls.

Katherine said...

this is a downright brilliant idea. you are so creative

<3 katherine
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