Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Who made that?? RACHEL DID!!

I know that winter is about over, and spring is coming, but we all know its gonna be cold again. Winter takes forever to REALLY go away. Plus, it always come back again next year, SO while these cute things are in RACHEL DID's shop, you should snatch them up for the cute baby in your life.

This "crochetosaurus" hat would look absolutely adorable on a baby boy. and I know from listening to my friends with boys, that it is HARD to find cute boy stuff. And Rachel is always open to custom size and color orders....
Or how about this pretty little number? I love the needle felted rose on the side!!
And here is my cute Olivia modeling the one I bought a few weeks ago. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this hat on her. Seriously my favorite hat. I just smile when I see her wear it (okay so maybe just the sight of her makes me smile, but the hat doesn't hurt).
how cute are those ears???!!! so go check out Rachel's shop: RACHEL DID.


rlhurwi said...

Thanks for the shout out Katie! Olivia looks adorable :)

Christina said...

oh adorable. my favorite is that first one!