Friday, October 15, 2010

old shirt + old dress = two dresses and a shirt! plus a tutorial.

 Here is what I started out with. I had about an hour to make something out of these two cast-aways of mine (a stretchy shirt and a beach dress that I wore to the pool everyday during my third trimester with olivia).
 Here is what I made: IN ONE HOUR (all 3 pieces). EASY!!! First a mini version of the dress I had owned! just cut and sewed a tube, then added the straps, made from my old straps!
 2nd:  A comfy dress. I sewed the top from my old top, and then added the bottom from my dress. It got a little messy before I took the picture...
 I cannot handle how big she looks here!!! where is my baby???!!!
 no joke I am about 90% sure olivia's favorite color is green. her favorite shoes are green, her favorite chair is green (the one she is on), her favorite food is green (peas and spinach smoothies), and when there is a whole basket of ornaments at the dollar store, she digs for the green one.
 3rd: a half-sleeve tee that she already had food on in THIS picture too! Oh and those are her favorite shoes pictured.
Okay so this tutorial is SUPER simple, but I thought I'd post it because it is my go-to for a quick 15-20 min shirt. When making it for myself I usually make cap sleeves, for Olivia I made the half sleeve.

stretchy material that doesn't need to be hemmed.
sewing machine

1. cut two of the shape shown. The very first time I made a shirt like this (I was making it up as I went), I just used one of my shirts of a similar material as a guide for width.

2. pin and then sew where shown! DONE.


Delia said...

Very cute! I like the high waist on it. favorite color just happens to be green too so this post made me smile. :)

I love her shoes by the way.

Alice said...

So cute! I love the clothes you make for you. I should commission you to make something for my baby girl:)

Alice said...

Also Green is WAY cool than pink:)

Unknown said...

wow! I think even I can handle that! Thank you!!

the mama monster said...

way cute! curious to see an adult version...